School Management System

School Plus provides a progressive and intuitive
software for managing schools.
Our app automates the processes involved in schools.
Accept payments, upload course material, take/grade exams, etc.
Its a full package! Check it out and make use of it.

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We provide to you the best choices for you. Feel free to take advantage of the features and extend to your taste.

Courses Portal

Upload courses as a teacher and download courses as a student. It is very seamless.

e-Exam Portal

Teachers can upload exam questions in csv format while students have access to a special dashboard for writing exams

School Fees Payment

Students can pay school fees automatically on the portal with the Flutterwave API,enabling a cashless and fast payment process

Detailed Reports

You can get 24/7 PDF reports about student exams and school fee payments right on the portal and to your mailbox

Admin Tools

Manage users and setup company policies as a super user


Track students/teachers' attendance

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